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Koral Liernan was a powerful wizard specializing in the magic of planar travel.[1]

She is famed for creating a crystal ball capable of scrying unknown locations and other planes of existence. The crystal ball was teleported inside solid rock inside a mountain range known as the Windswept Wall, and lost. It is rumoured to be protected by a magical effect that causes it to teleport away if detected or moved by magical means.

It is rumored that, prior to her death, Koral hid a vast cache of powerful planar magic items, along with a spellbook containing unique and powerful spells. The location of the cache is unknown, and could appear anywhere in the planes.

Publication history

D&D 3rd edition

Koral is referred to in The Secret of the Windswept Wall (2001), a free D&D adventure published on the Wizards of the Coast website.


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