Opens secured doors and barred gates.

Original D&D[edit | edit source]

The spell first appeared in Men & Magic, for the magic-user.

  • Spell Level 2
  • Range 6"

When cast on a door, gate, window, or similar opening, this spell opens it. Secret doors, held portals, doors locked by magic, and barred or otherwise secure gates open wide.

AD&D[edit | edit source]

Knock[edit | edit source]

Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a magic-user spell.

Level: 2 School: Alteration
Components: V
Range: 6" Casting Time: 1 segment
Duration: Special Saving Throw: None
Area: 10 square feet/level

Opens stuck, barred, locked, shackled, chained or magically sealed (such as with hold portal or wizard lock) doors in the area, even if they are secret. It overcomes two sealing methods (more require additional knock spells). A wizard lock spell is not completely dispelled, but it is removed for 1 turn. The door is not prevented from being locked or barred again.

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