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Kizarvidexus, the Horned Duke, is a slain obyrith demon lord who fought alongside the Queen of Chaos at the Battle of Pesh.

Kizarvidexus was slain by a wind duke named Icosiol. Their horns were removed and later found buried in the Whispering Cairn, where Icosiol was buried. His horns are curved and black, with red tips.

Artworks in the tomb depicted him wearing a cloak and wielding a talisman of the sphere to control a sphere of annihilation at the Battle of Pesh. He slew the wind duke Zosiel this way, before himself being killed by Icosiol. His horns were buried in Zosiel's tomb, which was otherwise empty, having been killed by a sphere of annihilation.[1][2]

His body was trapped inside the Wells of Darkness, but fragments of his flesh continually ooze from the pit in which he is buried. A perpetual tornado scatters the flesh across the plane, where they are eaten by abyssal ghouls and chasme demons.[3]


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