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In Dungeons & Dragons, the kirre is a magical beast, a vicious predator inhabiting the jungles of Athas in the Dark Sun campaign setting. It resembles a giant, imposing tiger with eight legs, canine teeth, two goat's horns sprouting from its head, and a barbed tail.

The kirre is an incredibly rare creature which lives in the few forests of Athas. Sightings of it have been very few and far in between, and many believe this not to be half as much because it is a rare and reclusive creature as that hardly any who have encountered it have lived to tell of it. The creature needs to kill for food, sadism and the pure instinct alone, so therefore its first notion when it sees practically any other living thing is to kill it. It fights well with its razor-sharp claws, strong teeth, tail spikes and pure strength and agility, but it also has another tactic which isn't so readily apparent: psionics. It is powerfully psionic creature, and is able to broadcast nightmarish images to weaken its foes. Kirre are widely hunted for their meat, as it is said to be the finest of all in Athas.

Kirre cannot speak but understand Common and are regarded as neutral in alignment.

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