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Kibosh is the "example settlement" given for gnomes in Races of Stone. Its information is summarized below.




Kibosh is a gnome village of about three to four hundred, representing some 35-50 families. It is located in an area of rolling hills, just east of a large, pristine forest. A few miles to the south, a road runs, bringing trade. The gnomes hold a weekly market (visitors welcome) just down the river.

In addition to the homes for families (each built within a hill), there is a large amphitheater, four maesteries, a community hall, a public hall, and a large granary where emergency food and supplies are stored. Many of these structures are below ground, and are well-connected to every other part of the village via tunnels.

Notable Sites[]

The Amphitheater[]

A place for performances, speeches, and exhibitions of art. The acoustics here are phenomenal, carrying even the soft note of a flute to the most distant listener.

Public Hall[]

A place for community legal matters, and for outsiders to make contact with the town, the public hall is isolated from the rest of the tunnels in town.

Community Hall[]

Here is where personal disputes are settled and large celebrations are held. The area is held in common by the town, and is open for any townsperson to use.


Maester Glumears[]

A specialist in alchemy and mechanics, Glumears can be absent-minded and gruff. He is the chief inventor and gadgeteer in town, and earned his cap more than 200 years ago, making him one of the more elder maesters in Kibosh. Many students seek to learn from him.

Maester Bronzestone[]

Jennerus Bronzestone is the town's foremost jeweler, working in stones, gold, and silver. His shop is recently re-opened after the death of the previous owner, Maester Goldhorne. His art is first-rate and in high demand, but this maester seems to care more for quality than quantity, and resists increasing production, even taking the time to train each of his students personally.

Maester Glittersky[]

Irella Glittersky is the town's magician, a member of one of the oldest families in Kibosh. She focuses on illusions, and her maestery provides decorations for all the town's biggest celebrations.

Maester Opus[]

Buleybar Opus is a musical protege, the youngest gnome to recieve his cap in town memory. He focuses on performance over theory, but trains gnomes in voice, instruments, composition, and even oratory. He is harsh, but his maestery produces high-quality musicians.