Kerwyn is a male human level 3 rogue.[1]

Appearance and personality

Kerwyn is a male human with short brown hair tied in a gray bandana. He has dark eyes and a neatly trimmed goatee.

He wears fashionable blued leather armor with red inlay and matching gloves, and carries a rapier.

Abilities and traits

Kerwyn has the typical abilities of a human rogue.


His history is unknown.

Publication history

D&D 3rd edition

Kerwyn appears in an artwork in the D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook (2003), p.168, illustrated by Sam Wood. His character class of rogue is based on his appearance in the D&D Miniatures line. [1]

Creative origins

Kerwyn was illustrated by Sam Wood.

His appearance with grey leather armor, a grey bandana and short black hair resemble Solid Snake, the protagonist of 1998 stealth action game Metal Gear Solid. Whether this is coincidence or an intentional homage is unknown.

Reception and influence

Unlike other iconic D&D third edition characters, Kerwyn did not receive frequent appearances in other D&D sourcebooks.

A fan-work at the homebrew D&D Wiki[2] gives Kerwyn's full name as Kerwyn Stone, and describes him as a member of the Blackmoon Resistance.


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