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Keoland is a kingdom in the Flanaess in the Greyhawk campaign setting.


First established over nine centuries ago in the year -342 CY, Keoland is located centrally in the Sheldomar Valley. During its imperial era (c. 287 - 419 CY), Keoland rose to conquer most of the Sheodlmar Valley, but after decades of conflict and incompetent rulers it has reverted to its current borders.

Keoland is a constitutional monarchy, whose rulers are elected by a council of the nobility. It has a year-round temperate climate highly fertile farmland, and is a major exporter of grain and livestock. Its population totals around 1,800,000 people, mostly humans. Both establishment of religion and practice of arcane magic have historically been banned or controlled in the kingdom, though in the current day both are widely tolerated, and ancient laws against them are rarely enforced.

Keoland is known for the town of Saltmarsh, a southern coastal settlement;[1] several well-known knightly orders, including the Knights of the Watch, Knights of the Chase, and the controversial Darkwatch;[2] and as the namesake of the Keolish plate mail of the seas.[3]