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"Because that's where the evil is."
— Joram, asked why he quests in dark places

Joram the Crusader is a legendary brimstone speaker and follower of Pelor.[1][2]

Joram is around eighty years old, and spent sixty years of his life as a member of the Order of Brimstone, a crusading religious order within the church of sun god Pelor whose specialty is the use of truename magic. Their members wear a flame-red tabard and golden helmet.

Joram's name is legendary among acolytes of this order, and he has succeeded in bringing many new recruits. He is widely considered a role model by members of the order, who seek to follow his values and emulate his deeds. Joram is famed for his great wisdom.

He is father of Urick Joramson, a controversial and careless brimstone speaker. Joram is estranged from his son due to fundamental differences in philosophy.

Creative origins[]

Joram shares his name with King Joram, or Jehoram, ancient ruler of the Kingdom of Israel around the year 850 BC. Whether this is an intentional reference or coincidence is unknown.


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  2. Members of the Brimstone Speaker prestige class need to be either clerics or paladins, but is not stated which of these Joram is. He'd need to be at least an 11th level paladin or 7th level cleric.