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Jamie Chambers (born January 25, 1975)[1] is a an American game designer who works primarily on role-playing games, contributing in a variety of genres. He served as Vice President of the non-profit Game Manufacturers Association, a trade association for the hobby games industry[2], from 2007 until 2016, when he chose not to seek re-election[3]. He succeeded Marcus King for the post. Chambers worked with Margaret Weis at Sovereign Press in 1988, then transitioned with her to Margaret Weis Productions (MWP) where he served as Vice President and Lead Designer.[4] While there, he created the Cortex System,[5] a Role-playing game rule set that has been used by MWP since that time.


Dragonlance setting[]

Chambers' official Dungeons & Dragons work has been largely linked to the Dragonlance setting. He contributed the article Dragonlance: Bozak Draconican Characters, Dragon #315 (Jan 2004), p.42-43, giving rules for D&D third edition.

Chambers also worked on design, project management and typesetting for Dragonlance products released by Sovereign Press under license from Wizards of the Coast for Dungeons & Dragons third edition, including Age of Mortals, Bestiary of Krynn, Dragons of Autumn, Holy Orders of the Stars, Key of Destiny, Knightly Orders of Ansalon, Legacy of the Twins, Spectre of Sorrows, Towers of High Sorcery, and War of the Lance.

In 1998, he was one of several people thanked by Robert Wiese in Polyhedron #132 (Oct 1998) for making Gencon possible.


Jamie Chambers contributed to the mythos of the world for Sovereign Stone through short stories[6], as well as by running the Sovereign Stone website.[4] Margaret Weis and Don Perrin, along with Chambers and Christopher Coyle, wrote the licensed Dragonlance Campaign Setting (2003) for publication by Wizards of the Coast, and afterward Sovereign Press was allowed to expand and supplement that book using the d20 license.[6] After Perrin left Sovereign Press and Weis created Margaret Weis Productions, the company's new direction kicked off with the Cortex System and the Serenity Role Playing Game (2005).[6].

Through Margaret Weis Productions, Chambers also created and published the role playing games Battlestar Gallactica and Supernatural. At the time, Serenity RPG was the most popular role playing game since the original Dungeons and Dragons, requiring four print runs in the first year of publishing[7].

Cortex System[]

Chambers created the Cortex System for the Serenity Role Playing Game during his time at Margaret Weis Productions. He then used it for additional licensed game supplements, several of which were based on television shows and movies, including Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural. The Cortex System shifted away from gameplay determined by the rules toward a gaming experience guided by them, which was considered a necessary step to counterbalance the computerization of role playing games. The system allows the game to evolve throughout a game session, providing the players with ways to create and modify the rules to meet their needs.[8]The system was later adapted into Cortex Plus by Cam Banks when he took over for Chambers at Margaret Weis Productions as lead designer. Banks later founded Magic Vacuum, a production studio that has licensed the original Cortex System and the revised Cortex Plus, which is considered more narrative than the original Cortex system[9], building on the move away from systems constrained by rules and allowing further differentiation from computerized role playing games.

Awards and Nominations[]

  • 2003 - Lucca Comics Games Awards Best Translated Game for Dragonlance [10][11]
  • 2005 - Origins Award Gamer's Choice Best Role Playing Game of the Year For Serenity[12][13]
  • 2007 - I-CON Shared Worlds Award for his various supplements in the Firefly (TV series) and Serenity (2005 film) universe.[14]
  • 2008 - Origins Award Finalist in the Role Playing Games Category for Battlestar Galactica RPG.[15]


Roleplaying Supplements

Short Fiction

Short Nonfiction


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