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This article title refers to a topic contained entirely within another campaign setting for which there is an established wiki. To avoid duplication of effort, this article contains only a short overview. For a complete article, see Iron Throne at the Forgotten Realms Wiki.

The Iron Throne is a mysterious merchant organization in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Little is known of its history or the identity of its backers. It is apparently independent of any government.

The Iron Throne is well over twenty years old. Their founding date is unknown, but they were first heard of in 1356 DR. The Iron Throne operates through agents, mostly thugs and brigands. Their turnover rate is high with agents being replaced often.

The Iron Throne is often in conflict with the Zhentarim. They have quite a bad public image. They have been charged with attempted assassinations, extortion, thuggery, trading weapons to hostile nonhuman tribes and trafficking in smoke powder, poisons and drugs.

Reception and influence[]

The Iron Throne is the key antagonist group in the original Baldur's Gate computer game. Maintaining the cover of an honest merchant consortium, they ultimately plan to secure a monopoly over iron production throughout the Sword Coast, and then spark artificial demand for iron by fomenting a war with the city of Baldur's Gate and the nation of Amn, thus allowing them to command any price they want for the usually cheap commodity.