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Intuit Danger was a skill cut from Dungeons & Dragons third edition prior to its initial release.


In Polyhedron #150 (Mar 2002), page 9 (Dungeon #91 (Mar/Apr 2002)), Mike Mearls (not yet a Wizards of the Coast employee at this point) referenced an unused skill:

"I did some design work for the Kingdom of Keoland and was sent a pre-release copy of the rules to help me handle that. I'm probably one of the few people outside of the playtesters and Wizards of the Coast who knows about the Intuit Danger skill!"


Characters with the Intuit Danger skill appeared in The Package, a Living Greyhawk scenario for the Bandit Kingdoms released in 2000 by Clayton F. Hinton. Many such characters are rogues, suggesting that this was a class skill for rogues.

In Class Acts: The Duelist, Dragon #275 (Sep 2000), p.96-97, by Monte Cook, the duelist prestige class has Intuit Dnager as a class skill. It is a Wisdom-based skill, and described as an exclusive skill. Monte Cook was one of the lead designers on D&D third edition, and likely knew of the skill from this work. There is no explanation of what this skill does. The duelist was reprinted in Sword and Fist (2001), where it no longer possesses the Intuit Danger skill.

In Natural Selection, Dungeon #85 (Mar/Apr 2001), p.78, a kobold barbarian named Chief Seldank has the Intuit Danger skill. It appears to have been a class skill for barbarians. Natural Selection is written by Matthew G. Adkins and set in the World of Greyhawk, suggesting that the author may have learned of the skill through Living Greyhawk pre-release rules.