The Imagemaker is a character kit presented in The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings for gnome illusionists. Imagemakers are illusionist-entertainers who use their magic to tell stories. Their illusions are powerful enough to fool even those whose gaze can pierce other illusions.

Character Role

In addition to being the vital center of a celebration or tale-telling session, imagemakers are experts at distraction and manipulation, due to their highly convincing illusions.

Building an Imagemaker

Imagemakers benefit from the Gambler or Scribe secondary skill. If proficiencies are used, Artistic Ability can represent an imagemaker's illusion-craft. Ancient History, Astrology, and Singing all help an imagemaker to tell their stories. Imagemakers carry around musical instruments for the same purpose, and also use a few alchemical tools in their performances: smokepots and flashballs.

Game Rule Information

  • Benefits:
    • Bonus Proficiency: Ventriloquism
    • Characters attempting to disbelieve images, sounds, and smells created by the imagemaker do so at a -2 penalty.
    • Creatures not normally subject to illusions are still subject to an imagemaker's illusions. They can disbelieve normally, without the -2 penalty.
    • Illusions that do not require concentration have their duration doubled when cast by an imagemaker.
    • Illusoins requiring concentration last for 2d6 rounds after the caster stops concentrating. When not concentrating on a spell, the illusion cannot respond to stimuli, but the illusion can be left to repeat an action over and over again.
  • Hinderances: Imagemakers cannot learn spells from the Greater Divination or Conjuration/Summoning schools.
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