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Discerns magical effects on items.



Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a magic-user spell.

Level: 1 School: Divination
Components: V, S, M (drink an infusion of a pearl of 100 gp value and an owl feather steeped in wine, and swallow a live miniature carp)
Range: 0 Casting Time: 1 turn
Duration: 1 segment/level Saving Throw: Special
Target: One item

The caster engages some item, using it and experimenting with it to discern its magical enchantment, if any. For each segment the spell lasts, there is a 15% chance (+5%/level) of discerning one property of the item -- this may include the fact that the item has no such enchantment, or has a false enchantment. Each time a property would be identified, the DM rolls the caster's save vs. magic -- if this is failed, the caster learns nothing, and if successful, the property becomes known. If the roll is only 1 point short, a false bit of information is actually gained.

The spell does not reveal the exact bonus of an item (though it can indicate if the item has a high bonus or a low bonus), and it doesn't reveal the precise charges remaining on a charged item (it'll read +/- 25%). The spell is sensitive to the impressions of others, so the caster can only use this spell on an item if it has been handled for less than 1 hour/level.

After the spell has been cast, the caster loses 8 points of Constitution, and must rest to regain 1 point every 6 hours. If that 8 point loss drops the caster below a Con of 3, they fall unconscious, and remains that way until the Constitution is completely replenished 24 hours later.

The spell can be empowered with a luckstone. If powdered and mixed into the infusion, the probability of discerning a property gains a +25% bonus, and the caster's saving throw gains a +4 bonus.