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This strain of ogres is native to the icy mountains of the Ice Spire. They are bigger, smarter, and more dangerous than their lowland cousins.


In addition to being bigger and stronger than their brethren, these ogres use the terrain well, and often attack with surprise.


The caves of ice spire orgres are permeated with their stench, and those who infiltrate these caves find themselves nauseated and unable to fight effectively.


The ice spire ogres, like most ogres, follow Vaprak the Destroyer, a patron of violence and warfare. As such, they are often squabbling amongst themselves. The ogres have shamans (who practice wicked spellcraft) and chieftains (often the biggest, strongest ogre) as well.

Dour Fissure Ogres

Close kindred to the ice spire ogres are the ogres that live in the cracks and crevasess of the glaciers at this altitutde. They worship Baphomet, a demon prince of strength and bloodlust, and during their ceremonies, evil energies permeate the region, affecting even those who simply observe the ritual. These ogres may be seized with a berserk rage they term the "Blood Dance," wherein they fight on long after they should be dead from their wounds, killing everything around them, indiscriminately. The blood dance is a fairly random occurance -- it strikes some dour fissure ogres in their sleep, and others in the midst of battle, and others not at all.