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These undead abominations are the remains of those who die in the frigid, dry climates on mountains or in high lattitudes. Well-preserved by the cold air and dryness, and infused with cold energy from their demise, these mummies continue to haunt the regions of their deaths, punishing those who did not come to their rescue.


Ice mummies, like their warmer kin, are cunning and clever opponents, who use the environment around them to great advantage, and who try to lure enemies close before striking out.

The ice mummy uses its fear aura to send its victims fleeing into traps and deadfalls. It then employs the magical abilities its unfortunate demise has granted it to finish off the especially brave souls. It exudes an aura of numbing cold around it, and metal weapons that hit the creature often shatter from suddenly freezing.

If victims remain near it, it continues to press, using its magic powrs. It can expel a blast of cold not unlike a cone of cold, and it has possession of powerful arcane magic, including unique spells such as slippery slope (which creates slippery terain), ice shatter (which destroys ice -- useful for springing traps and causing landslides), and call blizzard (which sets the environment for the mummy as a howling blizzard). The mastery of magic is not complete -- an ice mummy is unable to use spells that cause fire damage,

Ice mummies often carry hunting arrows with them, and these arrows deal additional damage when they are yanked from the flesh, unless a trained healer can minister them. In addition, the mummies often carry simple stone or copper tools, such as spears or axes. Many ice mummies are the result of lost hunters from ancient eras.

The mummy is no slouch in mele combat either, employing a prodigious, uncanny strength to use its primitive weapons effectively. It can also can attack with its limbs, which deal significant damage, and additionally wither limbs.