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Ice folk are nomadic humans native to the freezing areas of Krynn. They tend to be tall, heavyset people with hair of red or light brown and leathery skin. They wear white fur parkas and boots, and have a fierce pride about them.


The ice folk are famous for their battleaxes, frostreavers, which are made out of ice and require a revered cleric's blessing to be made. These items melt at temperatures higher than freezing, but are effective in the cold lands.

Ice folk also make ice boats, which employ vast sails to move along the surface of the ice faster than anyone can run.

Ice folk huts are round things, covered by white fur, making them well-hidden against the snow. The building houses a firepit and up to 20 people, along with simple furnishings. They also engineer large snow walls, employing the rib bones of large creatures that dwell in the arctic as supports.


The ice folk and the thanoi often butt heads over territory and fishing grounds, and they employ the hide and blubber of these creatures much as they use the hide and blubber from walruses, as lantern oil and clothing.