Ice elemental
AKA: Ice Paraelementals, Cold Elementals, Ice Archons

Ice elementals are the common folk of the plane of ice, and they are common troops summoned to aid those that favor cold-based attacks and minions. They may also form kingdoms, domains, and empires themselves. They can be found naturally in regions of the world that are especially cold or snowy as spirits of the land itself, nearly fey in their arrival. They range in size from diminutive frostlings to gargantuan animated glaciers with a vague humanoid form.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ice elementals are made entirely of ice and snow, packed into a crystalline form. They are vaguely humanoid in appearance, with two limbs and a head, but their bodies are made entirely of jagged, shimmering chunks of ice.


Ice elementals largely behave as expected -- attacking and dealing cold damage, with specific powers suited to their class or role. For instance, ice elementals who have some arcane magic power will likely know some cold-magic spells, and ice elementals with a druidic nature may follow a path of winter druids, with cold and ice themed abilities. Meanwhile, an ice elemental soldier will be able to defend the back lines using specific cold abilities.

Mental OutlookEdit

Ice elementals -- like most elementals -- are eminantly practical and basic. Not artistic or creative by and large, they seek to prolong their own survival and increase their own benefit, without specifically helping or hurting anyone other than themselves. When arranged in armadas, they largely do as they are told, though they, like all creatures, certainly look for a way to escape a situation they didn't bring themselves in to. Many ice elementals on the material plane seek to preserve a sort of natural balance of cold in a region. They may be spirits of winter, or defenders of a glacier in general, rather than those things that live upon it.

Enemies and AlliesEdit

Ice elementals have a sort of instinctive fear or hatred of things that are based in fire and heat. This is largely a survival instinct, and nothing more personal than that, though masses of ice elementals will band together and eliminate great sources of heat for their own good.

Ice elementals frequently bond together with creatures who love cold, such as the winter fey, white dragons, yetis, and other cold, elemental creatures. While many of these creatures are evil, ice elementals largely share only practical goals with them. White dragons are not allies because ice elementals enjoy their savage fury, but because where a white dragon dwells is more cold, and more likley to stay cold thanks to the dragon's presence, than most other places.