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Ice bears are ferocious, man-eating, intelligent bears that dwell in the southernmost regions of Krynn.


Ice bears have keen senses and an uncanny tracking ability effective over many days. Their white fur also provides excellent camouflage in the snowy lands they reside in. Thus, they often attack with surprise.

Like other bears, it can draw an opponent into a hug. It is also extraordinarily tenacious, persisting in attack long after most other creatures would have keeled over. It is immune to normal and magical cold as well, resisting a blizzard with as much aplomb as a freezing magic spell.


Ice bears dwell on ice floes next to the ocean, where they hunt fish, seal, and even small whales.


Ice bears are fairly intelligent and ultimately pragmatic: they may opt to ally with other creatures that make life easier for them. They are especially close with the thanoi, who cooperate with the bears to hunt over the ice floes. The bears and the thanoi band together to fight against outside threats, and the thanoi also have sleds that can be pulled by teams of ice bears.