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In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, the Horned Society is a secret society devoted to evil and Devil worship. The name can also be applied to a former independent nation of the Flanaess, formerly part of Iuz's kingdom, which has since been reclaimed and is now known as the Horned Lands.


The leaders of the Horned Society were known as Hierarchs, styling themselves The Dread and Awful Presences. There were thirteen Hierarchs when the Society ruled its own lands. All but two of the Hierarchs, Andrade Mirrius and Nezmajen, were slain by Iuz's forces during his coup. The current exact number of Hierarchs is uncertain.


Known members of the Horned Society are as follows:

  • Andrade Mirrius - A powerful cleric of Nerull, lives in Greyhawk City.
  • Blontug - A half-orc cleric/fighter/assassin. Presumed deceased.
  • Christophe Jean Markosian - A sorcerer and disciple of Asmodeus. He is known as the "Devil Behind Thrones."
  • Durgoth Shem - A rogue Hierarch who delved into the Tomb of Horrors in search of one of the "keys" that can open Tharizdun's extra-dimensional prison. Presumed deceased.
  • Guiliana Mortidus - Priestess of Nerull, lives in Greyhawk City.
  • Nezmajen - A cleric of Nerull. He currently resists the forces of Iuz from the Fellreev Forest.
  • The Unnameable Hierarch - Head of the Organization. Some believe this individual to be Erac's Cousin.
  • Vazirian - A cleric of Asmodeus. A former Shield Lander who turned to evil. Presumed deceased.
  • Warduke - A powerful fighter.