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A hobgoblin

Hobgoblins are an elite species of goblinoids, trained in military fighting techniques. Much more effective than their brethren, hobgoblins are bigger, stronger, and better organized, often putting them in leadership roles in goblinoid armies. They are courageous and brutal in combat.


Hobgoblins resemble large, muscled humans, their bodies covered in coarse fur with red-brown or gray skin and red or orange faces. Large males have blue or red noses, and may have beards and male-pattern baldness. Hobgoblin eyes are dark brown or yellowish, and their teeth tend to be yellow. They are lean and tall, averaging six and a half feet in height and weighing around 200 pounds. Their muscles are designed more for agility than brute strength, and they have been described as having almost feline dexterity.

Type Humanoid
Subtype Goblinoid

Publication HistoryEdit

Hobgoblins first appeared in the OD&D White Box, where they are described as goblins that are bigger and stronger.