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In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Highfolk, properly known as the Free Town of Highfolk, is a political city-state of the Flanaess. The region around the town is sometimes known as the Highvale or the Valley of the Velverdyva.


Modern Highfolk is generally located in the western-central portion of the Flanaess. Generally speaking, all the land along the Velverdyva River from its passage between the Clatspurs and the Yatil Mountains, to the plain between the southeastern spur of the Yatils and the Vesve Forest, can be said to belong to the Highvale. The city of Highfolk itself rests at the base of the Yatils, where the Velverdyva makes a broad eastern bend towards the plains of Furyondy.

As of 591 CY, the most populous towns in the area are Highfolk itself (pop. 8,700), Verbeeg Hill (pop. 1,200), and Flameflower, within the Vesve (pop. 500, all high elves).



As of 591 CY, the population of Highfolk totaled 46,000 persons, a significant majority (almost 80%) being elves(high elves outnumbering sylvan elves by about 3-to 2). Humans make up the next largest group (almost 10%), and are mainly of Oeridian descent. Half-elves, halflings (predominantly Tallfellows), gnomes, dwarves, and (surprisingly) half-orcs make up the remainder of the population.


The most popular deities among Highfolk's citizens are the Seldarine, the Oeridian agricultural gods, Ehlonna, Phyton, and Fharlanghn.


The most widely spoken languages in Highfolk include Elven, Common, and Sylvan.


Highfolk is a free city led by a mayor, currently The Worthy Sir, Tavin Ersteader, Mayor of Highfolk Town, while the elven communities are led by His Most Excellent Highness, Kashafen Tamarel of Flameflower, Lord of the High Elves of the Vesve.

The mayor is elected for life by popular vote of household leaders, though he or she may choose to retire from service. The elven leaders are hereditary monarchs who come from the noble families in the region.


Highfolk's coat of arms is blazoned thus: Barry of five, argent and vert, per pale counterchanged.



Highfolk is noted for producing gold, rare woods, low-quality gems, livestock (sheep, goats), vegetables, wild game, and timber.


Highfolk's standard coinage consists of the gold solar (gp), electrum great lunar (ep), silver small lunar (sp), and copper wheat (cp).