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A hex crawl or hexcrawl is a type of adventure module in which the player characters explore an overworld map. In this mode of play, the map is dotted with points of interest whose location is initially known only to the DM, and the party must traverse the wilderness to discover them.[1]

The hex crawl is contrasted with a dungeon crawl, in which the party typically explores a man-made underground labyrinth.

Hex crawls were popular in the early years of Dungeons & Dragons, but gave way to other designs such as dungeons crawls and location-based adventures. The term "hex crawl" was not widely used in official publications.


Dungeons & Dragons overland maps are traditionally marked in hexes, rather than a square grid. This feature derives from the 1972 board game Outdoor Survival, which was recommended for use with D&D in The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures (1974), p.12.

An example of a hex crawl is Tomb of Annihilation (2017), in which the player characters explore Chult in Faerûn.

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