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The Hammer of All Souls[1], also called the Hammer of the Dwarffather,[2] is an artifact weapon created by Moradin, creator god of dwarves.


The Hammer of All Souls is a one-handed warhammer made from adamantine. It is expertly crafted, and a thing of utter beauty to any master dwarven craftsman with the skill to recognise its flawlesss craftsdwarfship. It is made in the image of Soulhammer, the warhammer wielded by the god Moradin.



The Hammer of All Souls is a significantly magically enhanced adamantine warhammer.

In the hands of a dwarf who exemplifies their people's identity, this hammer grants the ability to consult the knowledge of their dwarven ancestors. They must have mastered the arts of both combat and blacksmithing, follow the lawful good alignment of their people, and receive divine spells from their deity (often Moradin, but not necessarily).[1]

In the hands of a true hero who dedicates themself to the craft, Moradin grants exceptional reward as long as they follow a righteous path. They become exceptionally skilled at blacksmithing and stoneworking. Their physical health and stamina greatly improves. The weapon gradually becomes exceptionally powerful and returns when thrown, as Moradin's own weapon does, and makes more deadly strikes against evil beings.


The hammer must be struck upon an anvil once every seven days, or else lose half of its power.[1] Moradin uses Soulhammer as both a weapon and a tool, and its offspring is no different.

Moradin is strict, and the powers of this item are only made available to those who follow their teachings. They lose these powers if they stray from their alignment or attack another dwarf.


The Hammer of All Souls is made of adamantine and exceptionally durable, but it is not indestructible.



The Hammer of All Souls was created by Moradin, god of dwarves, in the image of his own weapon, Soulhammer. It is thought to be the only one of his kind, but Moradin excels at weaponsmithing and may grant another such weapon to a truly worthy hammerdwarf.

Publication history[]

D&D 3rd edition[]

The Hammer of the Dwarffather appeared in Unearthed Arcana (2004).[1]