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Climate/Terrain Planetside or around ships
Activity Cycle Any
Frequency Common (30%)
Organization Flock (1d10*10)
Lair Roaming


Intelligence Animal (1)
Morale Irregular (5)
Alignment Neutral (Unaligned)


Size Small (3 ft. wingspan)
Hit Dice 1 (4 hp)
Armor Class 10 (+0) or 6 (+4) in flight
Movement 10 (100 ft./round), Fly 12 (120 ft./round)
Actions Peck
THAC0 20 (+0) 1d2 damage


Treasure Nil
Level/XP I/7 xp

Gullions are spacefaring seagulls, creatures that harass spelljamming crews, consuming air and food. They haunt port towns, and, by acting as stowaways, have spread to many worlds and many towns. Different flocks of gullions have developed into some incredible colors due to their exposure to other magic and environments - from purple to orange to normal gull coloration.

Gullion Infestation[]

A ship suffering from a gullion infestation has a few extra mouths to feed and a few extra lungs to fill. In most circumstances, the creatures are little more than an annoyance - they'll eat refuse, filch dinners, and knock down crew members looking for a meal, but if kept fed, are fairly content to live on hand-outs. If food runs out, a gullion infestation can turn dangeorus - the creatures are not above swarming crew members, and eating their bodies, if nothing else is available.

Gullions are difficult to get rid of, thanks to their agile flight and comfort with the gravity plane - gullions use the gravity line to fly erratically, gaining a higher AC in flight than otherwise. Their mastery of the gravity plane even allows them to sleep while floating upon it. They are incredibly sneaky, and quite clever in avoiding poison or more direct extermination. For that reason, most ships tolerate their presence, tossing the remnants of meals to them.


In between journeys on spelljammers, gullions infest port towns. They are scavengers, and gladly live on the refuse of civilization. They can be useful for innkeepers as living garbage disposals, and brightly colored gullions can serve to attract visitors to the inn as well.