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This spell covers the area, or one item within range, with a layer of slippery, fatty, semi-fluid substance.

If used on an area, those entering the area, or present in the area when the spell is cast, must make a saving throw to move without slipping and falling. A success allows the target to move normally, but anyone in the greased area at the start of their turn must make a new save or slip and fall. A creature that slips and falls might maintain some momentum (at the DM's discretion), meaning that a character who is charging down a greased slope will probably keep moving in a straight line from the point of slippage, and would leave the area on their rump.

If used on an object, the object is covered with that same substance. A creature weidling the target object must make a save or drop the item. A creature can make a new attempt to pick up the item each round, undergoing another save. A creature that succeeds on the save can use the object normally, but must save again if they still hold it at the end of their turn.


  • Spell Level 1
  • Schools: Conjuration (Alchemy)
  • Casting Time 1 Action (1)
  • Range 30 ft.
  • Target One object or a 10 x 10 area
  • Duration: 3 rds + 1 rd/level
  • Rarity: Common
  • Special Components: A bit of pork rind or butter


The grease spell is fairly straightforward: use it to craete terrain that is difficult for your enemies to pass through, or to disarm an enemy. The former use affects more targets, but is stationary. The latter use disables a bit of equipment, but doesn't stop the creature from using a DIFFERENT piece of equipment.