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Granitehome is the "typical gnomish village" presented in The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings. Its information is summarized below.




Granitehome is a village of 7 rock gnome clans, all arrayed around a beautiful lake nestled in hills of rolling wood. Almost nothing of the village is visible from the outside, with the entrances being well-hidden. Within the village, the mines are also well-hidden, behind their own secret door, to prevent invaders from finding them. Granitehome mines these gemstones, and then trades them to nearby settlements for raw goods. Another failsafe against invaders is the secret exit from the cave, knowledge of which is kept on a strict need-to-know basis.


Clan Kappelkourt[]

This clan of about 30 is Granitehome's best gem-workers.

Clan Laffatalligon[]

This clan of 40 are Granitehome's stonecarving specialists.

Clan Astrolacyll[]

This clan of 75 represent most of the village's preists. Foodgathering and forest patrolling fall to this clan as well.

Clan Pipwhistlion[]

This clan of about 80 provides mostly miners.

Clan Kwilliticutti[]

A wealthy clan of 60 plump gnomes, this is a clan of hunters and hereders. In the caverns, they keep small herds of rothe and sheep.

Clan Mastacalatl[]

A small, wealthy fishing clan of about 25 members. Mastacalatl has also produced Granitehome's most famous adenturers, several of whom have returned to live out their lives here.

Clan Barackathal[]

A clan of fourty courageous gnomes charged with defense of the warren. They tend to have small noses (for gnomes, anyway).