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Climate/Terrain Space Sargasso or Asteroid Field
Activity Cycle Any
Frequency Uncommon (20%)
Organization Shoal of 1d10*20
Lair Roaming


Intelligence Unintelligent (0)
Morale Unreliable (2-4)
Alignment Neutral (Unaligned)


Size Tiny (6 inch diameter)
Hit Dice 1 hp
Armor Class 10
Movement Fly 120 (D) (120 ft./round)
Actions Sting
THAC0 29 (+1) 1d3 damage
A stung creature must save vs. poison to resist the nauseating, paralytic venom.


Treasure Nil
Level/XP I/7 xp

Gossamers are space-faring jellyfish that travel in large shoals through space sargassos and asteroid fields, scavenging organic material wherever they can find it.


Most of a gossamer's body is empty space, lightly supported by gelatinous filaments. Their color depends on their mood, and shifts throughout the entire shoal. Contented gossamers are cool shades of blue, green, and purple, with bright flecks of yellow and orange. Frightened shoals shimmer into shades of red and amber.


Gossamers typically drift absently through space, using their stinging tentacles to eat small prey. They typically move away from creatures larger than 1 ft., though they certainly can accidentally collide with creatures, and dead gossamers retain their stinging capacity.

The ability of the gossamer to communicate its mood through the entire shoal has lead some sages to theorize a sort of hive-mind.

Space Natives[]

A gossamer introduced to a gravity plane is crushed under its own weight and dies, and air renders the creature's body into a foul-smelling liquid in 1d3 minutes. The pool remains for one turn, and remains dangerous -- creatures who touch it take damage and poison as if hit by an attack.