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The Goblinsticker is a character kit presented in The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings for gnome fighters. Goblinstickers are offensively-focused fighters who specialize in killing goblins, one of the gnomes' ancient enemies. This kit also encompases other "stickers:"  by changing goblin to kobold or ogre or skeleton, for instance, this kit can cover any creature your gnomes hope to target.

Character Role

Goblinstickers pursue their hated foe with a dedication that is a little off-putting to some, focusing on wiping out their chosen enemy. These characters may be motivated by a tragic history, but their ultimate goal is to kill their foe -- treasure, skill, and other rewards are merely incindental. Thus, goblinstickers are likely to take up a life that will lead them into monster-infested areas, to better slay their chosen foe.

Building a Goblinsticker

A goblinsticker's Strength is key, as is their Constitution. Weaponsmith and Armorer will help a goblinsticker to keep gear in top shape when on a hunt. Additionaly, if proficiencies are used, Rope Use, Direction Sense, and Blindfighting are useful for bringing the fight to the enemies no matter how remote their lairs. Goblinstickers who are successful outfit themselves with adventuring tools like oil, rations, ropes, and hammers and spikes when leaving home.

Game Rule Information

  • Ability Score Requirement: Strength or Constituion 15
  • Proficiency Requirement: Must be proficient in one missile weapon and two melee weapons.
  • Benefits: Against their designated foe, the character gains a +1 bonus to hit dand damage rolls for both melee and ranged attacks. This bonus stacks with the gnomes' racial bonus against goblins and kobolds, if applicable.
  • Hinderances: A goblinsticker cannot leave their hated foe alone. If the character wants to let a member of their hated foe's class be unmolested, they must make a Wisdom check. Failure means they will attack the creature.