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Glister is a fictional town in the Forgotten Realms setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.


Glister is the only human settlement in Thar.[1] Well defended by hills on three sides, the community is a rough-and-ready trading post, willing to deal with ogre tribesmen and nomads as well as traders from the Moonsea.[2] Due to its remote location in an otherwise desolate land, food and timber are its main imports often traded for raw ores including iron, silver and copper.[3]

Glister was the capital of the sole human kingdom of Thar, established by Beldoran in 1288 DR with the death of the last ogre Tharkul. The human kingdom flourished despite continual nonhuman raids, but was at last overrun by ogres in 1303 DR.

Despite the destruction of its kingdom, Glister remains a powerful force for civilization in the North. This is made possible in part by the presence of Thusk Tharmuil, an archmage who has retired to the area, and the presence of three small temples which date back to Beldoran’s day: the Hall of Luck (Tymora), the House of Swords (Tempus), and the House of Auril's Breath. The House of Swords is particularly strong, maintaining a walled abbey outside the town and hosting a force of 49 warrior-priests under the command of Ghondrimm Sumbar.


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