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Giant trolls are immense versions of the common troll. Given that their progenitors are already well over nine feet tall, these trolls are truly immense, considered by some to be hybrids between normal trolls and hill giants. They have reddish-brown flesh, and their eyes are rimmed with red. They appear to have potbellies, though they are immensely strong.


Giant trolls wield brutally large weapons with deadly efficacy. Without weapons, they are fearsome brawlers, picking up and using their prey as weapons -- beating targets with grabbed enemies, and hurling foes into nearby objects (or other enemies). They are skilled at the usual giant game of boulder-hurling as well. They aren't as keen on biting as normal trolls, and their regeneration is slower, but their senses are very keen.


Giant trolls are found in tandem with both hill giants and trolls (and sometimes both). In these groups, the hill giants are often the leaders, with the giant trolls serving as elite muscle, and the normal trolls serving as the scouts and "pets."