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Gem Cutting
Rogue, Wizard, Psionicist
2 Slots
Dexterity -2

A proficient character can turn rough gems found in mining into cut gems of exceptional quality, at the rate of 1d10 stones per day. The character needs a good source of light and tools of the trade, including hammers, chisels, blades, chemicals, and magnifiers, often requiring a workshop.

An uncut gem has a value less than its usual given type, but, after being cut, the gem's value becomes within the range appropriate for its type. If a critical success is rolled, the work is exceptionally brilliant and the cut gem's value is actually typical for the next most valuable type. Failing a gemcutting check damages the stone, reducing its value down one category.  A critical failure splits the gem in half, giving you two uncut gems with a combined value of one class lower than the original gem.

For instance, a gemcutter who turns uncut amethyst (a "fancy" gem) into a refined stone increases its value to 100 gp. A critical success on the proficiency check increases its value to 500 gp (a "precious" gem). A failed check would reduce the value of the stone to 50 gp (a "semi-precious" gem). A critical failure splits the uncut amethyst in half, resulting in two uncut gems worth 25 gp each.

A dwarf with this proficiency can cut 2d8 gems per day instead, and increases the value on a critical success, or a near critical success (within 1).

Skills & Powers[]

CP 3, Initial Rating 6, Dexterity (Aim)

A proficient character can refine 1d10 stones per day, giving an uncut gem the typical value for that type of gem. A character can attempt to do exceptional work - if they fail, the stone is destroyed, but if they succeed, the stone has double its normal value.