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Geirskögul was a valkyrie, a warrior maiden in service of the Norse gods. She is one of the most famous of valkyries,[1] and the subject of an anonymous Northern epic poem titled The Lonely Death of Geirskögul.[2]


Death of Geirskögul[]

Geirskögul was the subject of an assault by the demon lord Kostchtchie, Prince of Wrath, which left her with child. She gave birth to a monstrous daughter, who Kostchtchie sacrificed to create Stoldottir Gate, a permanent portal between Ysgard and the Iron Wastes, 23rd layer of the Abyss.[3]

The torturous ritual lasted for years, and by the end, Geirskögul was utterly broken and insane. The story is told in an epic poem titled The Lonely Death of Geirskögul.[2]

Creative origins[]

The valkyrie Geirskögul appears in Norse mythology. In the poem Voluspa in the Poetic Edda, she is listed in a group of valkyries including Skuld, Skögul, Gunnr, Hildr, and Göndul.

In the epic skaldic poetry Hakonarmal, the king Hakon is slain in battle, and complains to the valkyrie Geirskogul:[4]

"Hakon said, 'Geirskogul, why did the battle go this way? The gods owed me a victory.'
The Valkyrie replied, 'We did give you victory, and your enemies have fled.'"


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