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The gauth is a type of beholder that feeds on magic. It has a spherical body with a central eye and six eyestalks like other beholders, but its central eye is ringed by several smaller eyes, and it possesses four feeding tendrils that dangle near its maw.


Gauths tend to target creatures laden with active magical effects, as they are trees brimming with fruit to a hungry gauth.

Gauth fight in a manner similar to other beholders -- blasting enemies with eye rays from a distance. Its feeding tendrils are fairly useless in combat, and are mostly used for picking up items to eat. It's eye ray powers include cause serious wounds, repulsion, cone of cold, lightning bolt, and paralyzation. It has a unique eye ray power referred to as "dweomer drain," that sucks the magic out of items. Permenant enchantments are rendered inoperable for a round, and charged items loose a charge as the guath feeds.

The gauth tries to lure enemies into melee with it by glowing slightly (similar to a faerie fire spell), making it easy to hit. However, those in melee may quickly be subject to it's central eye, which produces a feeblemind effect.

When a gauth is killed, on occasion, its body will release the magic inside of it in a chaotic burst of magical energy, dealing damage to all nearby.


A gauth that swallows a magic item renders it inert after about 24 hours. It then spits out the nonmagical remains.


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