Creates a portal that pulls extra-planar creatures through.

Original D&D[edit | edit source]

Debuted in Supplement I: Greyhawk, for the magic-user. Dragon Magazine #12 added this at a lower level for the Illusionist.

  • Spell Level 9 (magic-user) or 7 (illusionist)

Opens a cosmic portal to allow some ultra-powerful being named during the casting (such as Odin, Set, Cthulu, a demi-god, etc.) to come to the plane. The caster can then entreat the entity for aid. There is a 95% chance that the called being will come, and a 5% chance that some other being responds to the call. If the being shows up, there is a 5% chance that they will return from whence they came almost immediately.

AD&D[edit | edit source]

Gate[edit | edit source]

Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a cleric spell.

Level: 7 School: Conjuration/Summoning
Components: V, S
Range: 3" Casting Time: 5 segments
Duration: Instant Saving Throw: None
Effect: One summoned creature

Opens a gate to another plane to draw through some demon, devil, demi-god, god, or other powerful entity. Something always responds to the gate, and typically remains to take some action, but the action it takes depends on its own desires -- and likely the alignment of the caster and their companions, and the threats they face.

DM's Advice: The called being can send a servant instead, (such as pit fiends or ki-rin). If the request is a trifle, the being will leave or attack (20% chance of doing nothing); if it is something of middling importance, it might take some positive action and then demand repayment (15% chance of doing nothing). Urgent things are dealt with, and then repayment is requested (1%-50% chance of doing nothing). Creatures always respond as their nature would indicate -- Asmodeus summoned to save a party from some demons would likely seek to destroy everyone, and if summoned to fight Bahamut would likely flee unless it was of vital importance to him.

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