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The gadabout is a plant used by elven spacefarers to make short, personal journeys outside of larger air envelopes, such as in ship-to-ship boarding, or for emergency life support.


The gadabout's colorful leaves resemble the wings of a butterfly, and its flexible vines wrap around a wearer of any size, securing them to the leaves. The plant takes in breath, sunlight, and a bit of water, and produces an air bubble that is continually refreshed. The wearer of a gadabout can even drink the plant's nourshing sap from a special branch located near the bearer's head. Adventurers of any class can control a gadabout just as a spellcaster can control a spelljammer (gadabouts have a movement rate of 36).

The air bubble persists as long as the plant is given a supply of sunlight and as long as the wings remain intact. In areas without natural sunlight, a continual light spell can supply the necessary light.

Though hardy and able to subsist on little more than air, light, and a bit of water, a gadabout does not tolerate abuse very well, and puncturing the plant (AC 7, 2 HD) causes it to decompose into a rancid mess within a two hours. The leaves do permit a light trimming, and this is essential to keep the plant in good health.

A gadabout can be bought for about 2,500 gp in most markets that deal in spacefaring goods.


The secrets of the gadabout's growth are closely held by the elves of wildspace. They are modified fruit of the starfly plant, and do not generate seeds, making others unable to cultivate them. A gadabout suvives naturally for about 25 years.


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