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Frostfell ghosts are the remains of creatures killed in the coldest environs. They cling to un-life at the sight of their demise, sometimes warning travelers, other times tricking them, and other times simply attacking them outright.

Ghostly Abilities[]

In addition to the abilities common to all ghosts, frostfell ghosts have been known to employ a few unique tricks.


Frostfell ghosts radiate deadly cold, and some can form this into a blast to sap the warmth from others. Many frostfell ghosts are immune to cold, and no longer feel it.


The etheral radiance of some frostfell ghosts comes from coldfire -- a vicious substance whose damage cannot be healed as long as the victim remains chilled, and that may infect them with a disease that eats away at their body from the inside.

Spell Resistance[]

Some frostfell ghosts are epsecially adept at deflecting magical attacks, magic sliding off them like water over ice.