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Frost Sprites, also known as snow fairies, winter folk, or simply, "frosts," are fey sprites that accompany snowfall, in the arctic, and in the forests of winter.


Frosts are tiny, elfin creatures with whirling beelike wings. They have skin in various shades of darker to lighter blue, with white or silvery hair, blue or green eyes, and clothing in various shades of white, gray, black, blue, and green.


Frosts, like most sprites, generally enjoy harassing travelers to their domain -- dropping snow on them, or creating ice patches that cause them to slip and fall. These pranks are generally not deadly in nature, though they can certainly cause consternation.


Generally, frosts will attempt to overcome their enemies using traps and hazards -- thin ice they can weaken (and then later re-freeze) with control temperature, avalanches they can cause with a gentle melt, and, ultimately, their flight to flee those that might chase them. They also enjoy playing pranks with snow -- throwing snowballs, filling boots with snow, and making patches of ice to make creatures slip and fall.

If provoked into direct combat, frosts fight with magical abilities at a distance. They are able to use cone of cold to blast groups of hostile creatures, or a more targeted ray of cold against individuals. If forced into melee, they will resort to their ice hands ability to deal some cold damage to those they touch.


Frosts live in nomadic family groups, moving with the seasonal snow.


Frosts love gems, and tend to hoard them. They also make very fine (if very small) cloth garments, and a large quantity of these could certainly fetch a fine price.


The Mimi is a frost sprite that has stronger cold magic. They can use frost fingers (a cold-damage variant of burning hands), cone of cold, invisibility, and freezing sphere. They are very similar to normal frosts, but tend to be a little stronger.


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