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Frost salamanders are magical beasts that inhabit cold regions. Though distantly related to other lizard-type creatures, frost salamanders get on well in arctic conditions, basking in cold winds like other lizards bask in sunlight, but have problems tolerating heat.


Frost salamanders have six legs, made for fast climbing along even slippery surfaces. They employ these judiciously in combat as well, and supplement it with a painful bite. They are surrounded by an aura of cold, and are immune to cold, though they have a distaste for fire, and take extra damage from that.

Frost salamanders use their environment quite well. Adept on slippery surfaces, they also use pools of liquid (though freezing) water to hamper their foes, pushing enemies into them.


Frost salamanders enjoy preying on yeti. They have a clear and obvious antipathy toward standard salamanders.

Useful Parts[]

The sluggish, bright-blue blood of a frost salamander can be used to temper a frost brand. A frost salamander bone can be used in the construction of a wand of frost.