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Frost Giant by boudicca

Frost giants are immense humanoids that dwell in the inhospitable peaks at the extreme edges of the world. Crude, dull, and simplistic, the frost giants terrorize all they encounter.


Frost giants use their class abilities in combat, favoring barbarians, shamans, fighters, and other martial or primal classes. Like all giants, they are also able rock-tossers. As befits their habitat, they are resilient in the face of cold, but succumb more easily to fire.


High-level shamans, warlords, and fighters make up the leadership of frost giants. The most influential leaders are called "jarls."



A certain class of frost giant disdains weapons and elaborate equipment, instead prefering to grapple with their foes.

Tundra Scouts[]

Some frost giants specialize in wilderness skills, keeping the main camps fed and providing advance warning of any unwelcome guests.


These frost giants have been touched by the spirits of the frostfell, gaining holy magic that they use in defense and aid of their tribe.


Frost giants are a powerful influence on the creatures around them, and even if they can't domesticate a creature, they frequently make use of it with an alliance or at least an "arrangement." Yetis, winter wolves, and white dragons can all be found accompanying frost giants, the larger the clan, the more and more powerful the allies.