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Frey's magic sword is the name of a longsword forged by dwarves and originally wielded by the god Frey of the Norse pantheon. It was given to his shield-man Skirnir as a reward for arranging the marriage between Frey and Gerd.



Frey's magic sword is a longsword of supreme enchantment. It fights automatically when drawn, even if its wielder lets go of the weapon. It can fight defensively to protect the wielder. It can strike even incorporeal creatures as if they were solid. It is especially sharp and deals more deadly hits in combat.[1]

Related weapons[]

Frey appears to have owned multiple magical swords with different abilities, and some confusion exists over which abilities are attributed to the legendary sword which he gave to his shield-man Skirnir, and which are other abilities.

Frey wielded a weapon called Frey's sword, a designation which in those days usually meant a one-handed longsword. It has the power of a vorpal weapon, and can slay fire giants instantly.[2] However, these powers are said to work similarly to Heimdall's sword Hofud, which only work when Heimdall is wielding it. This may suggest that Frey's magic sword has these powers, but that they do not function for Skirnir.

Frey's avatar is said to wield a longsword which removes an enemy's desire to fight.[2]

Frey's holy symbol is an ice-blue greatsword. Frey's two-handed sword is such a weapon. It is more deadly to giants, and especially lethal against fire giants. Only neutral good heroes can wield it.[2] Unfortunately, Frey is not proficient with this type of sword.[1]

Regardless, it is Frey's fate to wield no sword when he fights the fire giants at Ragnarok.

Creative origins[]

The story of how Skirnir acquired Frey's sword appears in the Norse myth For Skirnis.

The name "Frey's magic sword" appears in Deities and Demigods (3e) (2002), p.175.


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