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Arguably the most hospitable place on the Negative Energy Plane, the Fortress of the Soul is the planar headquarters of the Dustmen, an organization that believes that all beings are dead and that only by accepting this truth can we progress onto the next stage of being. Here, on the Plane of Death, the Dustmen sit in quiet, ascetic contemplation of the infinite obliteration around them, along with a handful of undead (who may or may not be dustmen as well).


The Fortress is fairly welcoming of visitors, so those with cause to be on the negative energy plane can find it a pleasant repreive. However, it is designed to be an isolated community, so visitors are usually ferried back through the gateway to Sigil that opens once a week when the portal opens. Still, for a few days, one could do much worse in this place.

Of course if one IS a Dustman, the Fortress provides the unparalleled experience of being as close as a living being can be to the greatest truth in the multiverse: we are all this plane, and this plane is in all of us.



The person in charge of the Fortresss is Komosahl Trevant (male human, level 12 mage, Neutral Evil). A plotter and a schemer, he is making plans for his faction in Sigil.


At any one time, about 50 ascetics dwell here, contemplating the death of all life.


Information from Sigil[]

For a man supposedly contemplating the obliteration of all, Komosahl Trevant is certainly curious about the goings-on of the living, in the City of Doors. He pays good coin to those who ferry messages back and forth accross the portal from the Mortuary.