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This is a template to create a new article about a race in Dungeons & Dragons. This category should be used for species of people typically selectable as player characters in a Dungeons & Dragons canon work.
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The Forest Gnome is a race in Dungeons & Dragons. Give a brief description of the race. '


Describe how the race looks. '

Personality and alignment


The typical alignment of members of this race. '

Attitude and psychology

Their personality. '


How they interact with other races and groups. '

Abilities and traits

The racial abilities and unique traits of this race. Create subheadings as necessary. '


Life cycle

How this race is born, matures, and lives.

Life expectancy

How long a member of this race lives. '


Any unusual details of their physical form. '


What they eat. '


Where this race lives. Not all races have a specific environment if it is assumed that they live in the same kind of places humans do, but many races are subterranean, live on a particular plane, and so on. '



How this race organizes. '


Which deities this race worships and in what manner. '


Art made by this race. '


How members of this species become adventurers. '


How the wage war and fight. '


Which language or languages this race speaks. '

Equipment and clothing

Special equipment used by this race, and how they dress. '


Typical names for this race. '

Notable Forest Gnomes

For a full list, see Category:Forest Gnomes.

A list here. Example:

  • Dydd, the legendary halfling who fought the red dragon Ashardalon
  • Lidda, the iconic female halfling rogue in Dungeons & Dragons third edition


Variants and related species

Variants, subtypes, or relatives of this race. '

Publication history

A list of the sourcebooks of each edition of D&D in which this appears. Omit editions where this race does not appear. '

Original D&D

Refers to the original White Box and supplements. '

Basic D&D

Refers to the D&D product line called Dungeons & Dragons which ran at the same time as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons from 1977 to 1999 (i.e. Holmes, Moldvay, Mentzer, Allston, etc). '

AD&D 1st edition

AD&D 2nd edition

D&D 3rd edition

D&D 4th edition

D&D 5th edition

Creative origins

What originally inspired this. '

Reception and influence

What reviewers thought about this after it was published, and what later works took inspiration from this. '