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The Flame Amulet of Alzrius is a magic item associated with the demon lord Alzrius.


The Flame Amulet of Alzrius appears as stoen plate, three inches thick and nearly five inches wide, and hung from a thin metal cord. Its edges appear rounded by age and its top surface has a glassteel hemisphere in which a small black flame dances.[1]



When first worn, the amulet melds painfully with the wearer's flesh, burning its way through clothes and armor to do so. It thereafter acts like a symbiont.[1]

When worn, the wearer gains immunity to fire, and the ability to cast burning hands six times per day. The spell emerges from the amulet and is mixed with abyssal energy, able to damage even creatures immune to fire. However, it has no effect on creatures of elemental fire or those wearing another flame amulet.[1]


A day after first used, stone tentacles spring from the back of the amulet, piercing the bearer's flesh and dealing a small amount of damage. Each day for six days, the tentacles move closer to the bearer's heart. The amulet whispers an irresistable suggestion to the bearer, causing them to travel to a highly populated area such as a city, often a crowded marketplace. Once they arrive, the bearer is consumed in an extremely powerful explosion of abyssal fire.[1]

The bearer is always killed instantly. All those killed in the explosion become petitioners of Alzrius, many serving in the Blood War. The amulet falls dormant, awaiting a host.[1]

The amulet does not function at all for creatures without a heart.[1]


Even spells like remove curse cannot remove the amulet, as it is part of the bearer's body. The only known way to neutralize the amulet is to cast stone to flesh on it, which nullifies its powers. The amulet still remains part of the bearer's body. The fire within it can only be extinguished in the Elemental Plane of Water.[1]



Hundreds of flame amulets exist in the Material Plane.[1]

Publication history[]

AD&D 2nd edition[]

This item appeared in Gifts From Below, Polyhedron #135 (Apr 1999), p.18-19, by Erik Mona. It was inspired by earlier descriptions of the demon lord Alzrius in Planescape works.


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