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This spell originally appeared as the reverse of a raise dead spell.


Finger of Death[]

Introduced in Men & Magic, as an anti-cleric spell that clerics could also use in a "life or death situation." Druids were permitted the spell as well, "when their lives were in dire peril" (but they could not cast the normal version of the spell, raise dead).

  • Spell Level: 5

A "death ray" that kills any target that fails thier save.

"Slay Living Fully"[]

The reversed form of raise dead fully was introduced as an anti-cleric spell in Supplement I: Greyhawk

  • Spell Level: 7

Kills the target, no save allowed.


Slay Living[]

The reverse of raise dead debuted on the Player's Handbook, as a cleric spell.

Level: 5 School: Necromantic
Components: V, S (a pointed finger)
Range: 3" Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: permanent Saving Throw: Negates
Target: one creature

If the saving throw fails, the target dies immedeately. If the saving throw succeeds, the target still takes 2d8+1 damage. Good clerics must take care when using this spell -- abuse of this is an evil act.

Finger of Death[]

This spell appears on the druid's spell list as an independent spell.

Level: 7 School: Enchantment/Charm
Components: V, S, M (mistletoe)
Range: 6" Casting Time: 5 segments
Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: Negates
Target: One creature

Causes the target's heart to stop if they fail the save, killing them.


The reverse of resurrection debuted in the Player's Handbook as a cleric spell.

Level: 7 School: Necromantic
Components: V, S, M (a religious symbol and sacred water)
Range: Touch Casting Time: 1 turn
Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: None
Target: Creature touched

The caster must succeed on an attack roll to touch the target. If successful, the target is utterly destroyed, reduced to dust. Using this spell weakens the caster so that they cannot perform any action other than bed rest for at least one day per level of the person destroyed.