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The Fiend Folio, released in 2003, is a sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition.



The Fiend Folio begins with an eight-page introduction, which describes how to use the sourcebook and how to read the statblocks. The introduction also briefly describes the planes of existence, explains new and revised subtypes used in the book, addresses relevant changes to skills and feats from the upcoming 3.5 revision, and includes several "creature feats".

List of monsters

The book provides game statistics for over 100 monsters:

abrian, abyssal ghoul, ahuizotl, aoa (droplet, sphere), aquatic ooze (bloodbloater, flotsam ooze, reekmurk), bacchae, bhut, blackstone gigant, blood hawk, bloodthorn, bonespear, canomorph (haraknin, shadurakul, vultivor), caryatid column, century worm, chronotyryn, chwidencha, crawling head, crypt thing, dark ones (dark creeper, dark stalker), darkweaver, death dog, demodand (farastu, kelubar, shator), demon (alkilith, blood fiend, klurichir, maurezhi, myrmyxicus, skulvyn, wastrilith), deva (monadic deva, movanic deva), devil (paeliryon, xerfilstyx), dire rhinoceros, disenchanter, ethereal ooze, ethergaunt (black ethergaunt, red ethergaunt, white ethergaunt), fensir (fensir, rakka), feytouched, fhorge, flame snake (minor flame snake, lesser flame snake, greater flame snake), formian (armadon, observer, winged warrior), fossergrim, gathra, giant (bog giant, shadow giant), golem (blood golem of Hextor, brain golem, demonflesh golem, hellfire golem), half-fey (template; half-fey centaur), half-illithid (template; half-illithid lizardfolk), half-troll (template; half-troll barbazu), huecuva (template; 5th-level human cleric huecuva), hullathoin, imp (bloodbag imp, euphoric imp, filth imp), indricothere, inevitable (quarut, varakhut), iron cobra, ironmaw, jackal lord, jackalwere, kaorti, keeper, kelp angler, kelpie, khaasta, kuldurath, living holocaust, lucent worm, maelephant, maug, maulgoth, megatherium, mongrelfolk, necrophidius, nerra (kalareem, sillit, varoot), octopus tree, ocularon, ophidian, oread, phiuhl, planetouched (maeluth, mechanatrix, shyft), wispling), quth-maren, rilmani (aurumach, cuprilach, ferrumach), rukanyr, sarkrith (spelleater, thane), sea drake, selkie, senmurv, shadar-kai, shadow asp, shedu, skulk, skybleeder, slaad (mud slaad), slasrath, spectral lurker, spirit of the air, sporebat, spriggan, steel predator, sunwyrm, swarm (abyssal ant swarm; plague ant swarm; cranium rat swarm, lesser pack; cranium rat swarm, average pack; cranium rat swarm, greater pack; locust swarm, bloodfiend; locust swarm, rapture; scarab beetle swarm; viper swarm; wasp swarm), swordwraith (template; 5th-level human fighter swordwraith), terlen, terror bird, thunder worm, ti-khana (template; ti-khana deinonychus), tunnel terror, ulgurstasta, varrangoin (arcanist varrangoin, lesser varrangoin, rager varrangoin), vine horror, vorr, wendigo (template; 4th-level human sorcerer wendigo), wicker man, yellow musk creeper, yellow musk zombie (template; yellow musk zombie orc), yuan-ti anathema, yugoloth (piscoloth, skeroloth), yurian, zodar.

Some entries provide advice for using the creature with specific sourcebooks or campaigns. Some entries also provide guidelines for player character versions of that creature.

Appendix 1: Prestige Classes

The first appendix details three fiend-focused prestige classes: the fiend of blasphemy, the fiend of corruption, and the fiend of possession.

Appendix 2: Grafts and Symbionts

The second appendix provides rules and descriptions for grafts and symbionts. Of grafts, this includes aboleth grafts, beholder grafts, fiendish grafts, illithid grafts, maug grafts, and undead grafts. Of symbionts, this includes the cerebral symbiont (cerebral hood, mind leech, psionic sinew), fiendish symbionts (fiendish familiar, gutworm, soul tick), and the ghostly visage.

Appendix 3: Monsters Ranked by Challenge Rating

The third appendix lists monsters in the book by Challenge Rating.


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The credited designers for the Fiend Folio were Eric Cagle, Jesse Decker, James Jacobs, Erik Mona, Matt Sernett, Chris Thomasson, and James Wyatt. Richard Baker, Ed Bonny, Monte Cook, Andy Collins, Bruce Cordell, Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, Paul Leach, Sean K Reynolds, and Steve Winter were credited with "additional design". Wyatt and Baker were also credited as developers, while Kestrel also served as an editor alongside Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Miranda Horner, and Penny Williams. Kim Mohan was credited as managing editor, Ed Stark as design manager, Anthony Valterra as category manager, Martin Durham as project manager, Chas DeLong as production manager. Bill Slavicsek was credited as Director of RPG R&D, Mary Kirchoff as Vice President of Publishing.

Dawn Murin was the art director, as well a graphic designer alongside Sean Glenn. The cover artists were Henry Higginbotham and Brom. The interior art was provided by Glen Angus, Darren Bader, Thomas Baxa, Matt Cavotta, Dennis Cramer, Larry Dixon, Jeff Easley, Scott Fischer, Lars Grant-West, Jeremy Jarvis, Todd Lockwood, Kevin McCann, Raven Mimura, Matthew Mitchell, Puddnhead, Wayne Reynolds, Richard Sardinha, Marc Sasso, Brian Snoddy, Arnie Swekel, Ben Templesmith, Anthony Waters, and Sam Wood. Erin Dorries was credited as graphic production specialist; Craig Cudnohufsky was credited as photographer.

Reception and influence

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As of November 2020, Fiend Folio was an electrum best-seller on the Dungeon Masters Guild.[1]

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