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Faffle Dwe'o-mercraeft is a male human 9th-level magic-user who appears in G1-3 Against the Giants (1981), in a list of original tournament characters.[1]

Appearance and personality

Faffle has exceptionally high intelligence, even for a wizard, as well as uncharacteristically excellent physical attributes. He speaks numerous languages, including that of ogres. He carries a wand of frost.

He is of True Neutral alignment.


Against the Giants

Faffle was one of a number of now-legendary mercenary-adventurers who volunteered to lead a strike team against the giants who had been raiding human lands. He fought alongside such heroes as Fonkin Hoddypeak and Flerd Trantle.[2][3]

While Faffle did not take part in every battle, the attacks were successful at staving off the giant attack—for a time.[2]

Second giant invasion

Years later, a second wave of giants invaded the Duchy of Geoff, destroying or enslaving entire towns and cities. One such settlement was the hidden elven forest-town of Derelion.

By lucky coincidence, Faffle Dwo'o-mercraeft was in Derelion on the day of the attack, hoping to court the sister of his former adventuring partner Fonkin Hoddypeak. Thanks to the town's scouts, who gave warning of an incoming horde of ogres and hill giants a full day in advance, Faffle was able to help prepare the town's defenses and protect several important members of the community by hiding them with magic.

Faffle remained in the town to fight alongside the elves. Unfortunately, one of Faffle's summoning spells went awry, accidentally conjuring the deadly shadow dragon, Hasforenses. Hasforenses wrought silent havoc on both sides of the battle, and by the end not a single giant, ogre or elf was left standing.

Faffle himself disappeared during the battle, and has not been seen since.[2]


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