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Removes a possessing entity from a creature or object.



Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a cleric spell.

Level: 4 School: Abjuration
Components: V, S, M (holy symbol and holy water)
Range: 1 Casting Time: special
Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: None
Target: One creature or object

Removes possession from the target. This includes control of the target by some force in an object or creature, possession by a magic jar spell, demonic possession, curses, and charms. It removes spirits from phylacteries and the like as well.

The spell has a random chance of success, 1d100%, but it can be cast for multiple rounds, re-rolling each round. There is a 1% penalty or bonus applied for every level of difference between the caster and the target effect (-1%/level if the target is higher level, +1% if the caster is). The DM can modify this as they see fit. A religious artifact or relic can enhance the spell by 1% to 50% depending on the power of the item.