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The proficient character is aware of the proper forms of behavior and address in social situations, especially including situations involving nobility. For typical uses (the correct title for a Duke, the fanfare used to greet visiting diplomats, seating lords and ladies at a table, organizing a reception line, gestures to avoid in the presence of dwarves, etc.), no check is required. For very unusual circumstances (such as an imperial visit), a proficiency check is required.

The proficiency does not immunize a character from doing the wrong thing or making a faux pas -- a character who knows better certainly can violate the social norms in a situation.

Skills & Powers[]

CP 2, Initial Rating 8, Charisma (Appearance) / Wisdom (Intuition)

A character dealing with a completely forgein or unknown culture can make a proficiency check to correctly guage the required etiquette. They gain a +2 bonus on this check if they are the same race, and a further +1 (or more) if the character has had some time to observe the culture.

The empathy trait gives a +2 bonus to Etiquette.