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Esperweed is a magical plant native to the few moist areas of Athas (such as mud flats and the rare tropical forest) that tremendously boosts psionic power.


The esperweed is a flowering plant that can grow quite tall (up to three feet in height), with a brownish-green stalk that turns to bright green near the large, bright green flowers, which sport six six-inch long petals. The flowers fade to a reddish-orange at the plant's outer edges, and the large, circular stamen in the plant is colored bright red.


When the root of the plant is eaten, any creature with psionic power is considered 5 levels higher than they normally are, for one turn. The character gans PSPs, and can gain new sciences and devotions (but not disciplines). The plant also helps psionicists control their powers better, giving each power score a +3 bonus while the plant's effects last.

Those who are wild talents also increase their psionic power -- their power score is increased by +2, and the character recieves 20 extra PSPs.

A harvested root retains its potency for about a week before it fades to nothing.


A creature can benefit from an esperweed once per HD or level. For each use that exceeds this number, a psionic creature looses two levels, permenantly (though a restoration spell may restore the levels). If a creature's psionic ability is reduced to 0 level or below, the creature completley loses all psionic ability.


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