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In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Erathis is the lawful neutral goddess of civilization. She is a founder of cities and writer of law, revered by warlords, rulers and inventors. Erathis is a member of the 4th edition core pantheon.[1]

Publication history[]

Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition (2008-)[]

Erathis appears as one of the deities described in the Players Handbook for fourth edition (2008).[2]


Before the Dawn War, Erathis dwelled in an open city upon an earthmote in the Astral Sea. She worked hard to establish a "lattice of heaven", a network of Astral Dominions forming a divine community (not unlike the Great Wheel cosmology of previous editions).[3] The unformed lattice was however broken at the outbreak of the war against the primordials and Erathis was forced to fuse her dominion with those of Pelor and Ioun forming the city of Hestavar. She dwells with Pelor in the magnificent palace of Aurosion. The pair are known as the "King and Queen of Light" and are the nominal diarchs of the city (Ioun takes no interest in governance).[4]

After the defeat of the primordial Baphomet, Erathis claimed the patronage of his former creations, the Minotaurs.[5] Erathis is closely allied to Pelor, Ioun and Moradin, and is perhaps the only god who is on cordial terms with Asmodeus, since tyranny and dystopia are some of the forms that civilization can take. As the goddess of civilization, she is the antithesis of Melora, the embodiment of wilderness.


Erathis has two places of worship in her own dominion of Hestavar; the Cathedral of Aurosion and the University Chapel of Kerith-Ald. Temples dedicated to Erathis includes the Aposkos in Gloomwrought, the Temple of Law in the Ninth Bastion (together with Bane). Located in the heart of the workplaces of Zerthadlun is the Temple of Making, dedicated to Erathis and Moradin.[6]


Edarmirrik, an elder gold dragon, was elevated to exarch by Erathis for his achievements in trade which made him extremely wealthy.[7]


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